Metadata standards for Museums

Teaching Staff: Gergatsoulis Emmanuel, Papaioannou Georgios, Kalogeros Eleftherios
Course Code: MUS600
Field: Museology
Course Category: Specific Background
Course Type: Compulsory
Course Level: Undergraduate
Course Language: Greek
Delivery method: Face to face
Semester: 6th
Total Hours: 3
E Class Page:
Short Description:

The subject of the course to get acquainted with metadata encoding standards and schemes as well as with conceptual models used to describe museum objects. Besides, the course aims to study the interoperability and integration between archival, library and museum metadata on the basis of a unified approach to cultural information.

The course begins by presenting Museology as a subfield of Information Science and examining similarities and differences from archival science and librarianship. The features of the most well-known metadata standards and schemas used in museums are then presented. Finally, the CIDOC CRM ontology is presented in detail while emphasizing its use to achieve interoperability and integration of cultural information managed by archives, libraries and museums.

The practice in the laboratory focuses on familiarizing students with the use of museum metadata standards and schemas and the CIDOC CRM ontology.

Objectives - Learning Outcomes:

The aim of the course is to provide students with a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of the metadata standards and conceptual models used by Museums and other cultural organizations to describe and document intangible and material culture.


Week #1: Museology as a discipline of information science. Similarities and differences from Archival Science and Librarianship.

Week #2: Metadata and Metadata standards for Museums objects.

Week #3: A brief presentation of the metadata standards used in Museums such as VRA Core 4.0, CDWA and CDWA Lite, LIDO, and SPECTRUM.

Week #4: Resource Description Dramework (RDF), Conceptual representation models. Ontologies and ontology languages.

Week #5: RDF Schema.

Week #6: CIDOC CRM ontology: Basic notions.

Week #7: CIDOC CRM: Entities, and entity hierarchy. 

Week #8: CIDOC CRM: Properties, and property hierarchy.

Week #9: Representative entities in CIDOC CRM. 

Week #10: Representative properties in CIDOC CRM. 

Week #11: Applications of CIDOC CRM.

Week #12: Applications of CIDOC CRM.

Week #13: Interoperability of Archival, Bibliographic and Museum metadata using CIDOC CRM.

Suggested Bibliography:

Main bibliography

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Official Web Pages of standards

Teaching Methods:

Lectures making extensive use of visual aids. Practical training takes place in the computer laboratory. Besides, students are required to prepare a number of projects. 

New Technologies:


Evaluation Methods:

Presentation and examination of the student projects in laboratory.


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